Frequently Asked Questions

What is liquid glucose?

Liquid Glucose is a pharmaceutic aid consisting of dextrose, dextrins, maltose, and water, obtained by the incomplete hydrolysis of starch.

What is liquid glucose used for?

Sweetener : Liquid Glucose is an ideal additive for sweets, confectionary, biscuits, Ice creams, Jams, Jellies, preserves pastries & liquors due to its moderate sweetness & nutritive value. It also forms the base of artificial honey.

Is liquid glucose good for health?

While glucose is the fuel for your body, consuming it in syrup form isn't going to boost your energy levels. Like other forms of sugar, glucose syrup is simply an added sweetener. It's OK to include small amounts of food that contain glucose syrup in your diet, but too much may lead to weight gain.

Can you make liquid glucose?

Yes, you can make your own liquid glucose. The basic recipe is to dissolve one part sugar into one part hot water until it forms a syrup. You can then store the syrup in a container in the refrigerator until it is ready to use.

What is Chemtradeasia and what does it do?

Chemtradeasia is an International private chemical trading corporation. It has been established to provide its customers with easy access to the finest chemical product. Visit ‘About us’ page to know more about Chemtradeasia.

How do I get the safety and specification information about a chemical?

You can download safety and specification information from the product specification page.

When the Tradeasia is founded and its brief information?

The Tradeasia Group provides an integrated chemical procurement service to consumers worldwide with our global distribution network spanning Asia Pacific, the Middle East, the Americas and the European Union. Established in 2002, we are a global trading firm dealing with chemical commodities providing our consumers and partners alike with extended supply chain management service, product sourcing, price negotiation as well as quality control. Tradeasia group is headquartered in Singapore which provides for a solid financial hub as well as excellent connectivity to the emerging regional markets. Our locally staffed offices in China, India and Indonesia provides for a streamlined procurement service and with plans to open more local offices around Asia Pacific, your procurement needs with us will be further eased.

Is it possible to become a partner?

Yes, it is possible become our partner. Please don’t hesitate to contact us by email addresses provided.

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